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Bacteria Science

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This is a game about bacteria.There will be more questions!

Created Date 02.07.19
Last Updated 02.08.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Aerobic bacteria need__________
  • Anaerobic bacteria does not need _______
  • What is the word that describes two bacteria of the same species attach to each other and combine their genetic material-not reproduction
  • What is another word for cell division that forms two genetically identical cells
  • What is the size of bacteria?
  • How do bacteria move? It uses flagella to move or twist or spiral to move or use _______ like grappling hook
  • A(n)______________ forms when a bacteria builds a thick internal wall around its chromosome when the enviroment is unfavorable so when they die, some of its DNA,ribosomes,and cytoplasm will survive and when it is favorable, it will be bacteria ag