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Meiosis Vocabulary Bingo

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Introductory terms needed before a more in depth look at meiosis.

Created Date 02.26.19
Last Updated 02.26.19
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Topics of this game:
  • containing 2 sets of chromosomes
  • body cells
  • having only 1 set of chromosomes
  • sex cell
  • male sex cell
  • female sex cell
  • have genes for the same traits in the same order
  • results in gametes with 1/2 the chromosome number as body cells
  • nonsister chromatids exchange genetic information
  • process of joining gametes
  • resulting diploid cell when sperm fertilizes egg
  • number of chromosomes in human gamete
  • number of chromosomes in human somatic cell
  • reshuffling of genes carried by individual members of a population
  • DNA segment that controls production of protein
  • 2n
  • determine sex of an individual
  • originating from father
  • originating from mother
  • crossing over
  • independent assortment of homologous chromosomes
  • distinctive structures found at the ends of chromosomes