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Medical Terminology for Muscular System

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Created Date 03.04.19
Last Updated 03.04.19
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Topics of this game:
  • (two/ head); muscle with two heads or points of origin
  • wasting away of muscular tissue that may be caused by lack of use or lack of nerve stimulation to the muscle
  • (with, together/ to draw/ process); process of drawing up and thickening of a muscle fiber
  • partition of muscles and membranes that separates the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity, major muscle of breathing
  • refers to a group of genetic disease characterized by progressive weakness and degeneration of skeletal or voluntary muscles
  • (away from/ to lead/ a doer); muscle that on contraction draws away from the middle
  • lacking muscle tone; weak, soft and flabby
  • (turmoil/ pertaining to); pertaining to alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles
  • (into/ to gain/ process); point of attachment of a muscle to the part that it moves
  • performed activity of the muscles for improvement of health or correction of deformity
  • (a band/ condition); thin layer of connective tissue covering, supporting or connecting the muscles or inner organs
  • state of tiredness occurring in a muscle as a result of repeated contractions
  • (equal/ to measure/ pertaining to); increasing tension of muscle while maintaining equal length
  • (three/ head); muscle having three heads with a single insertion
  • (lifter/ a doer); muscle that raises or elevates a part
  • (with, together/ work/ pertaining to); pertaining to certain muscles that work together
  • Excessive, forcible stretching of a muscle or the musculotendinous unit
  • (convulsive/ condition); condition of increased muscular tone causing stiff and awkward movements
  • (flesh/ a rind); plasma membrane surrounding each striated muscle fiber
  • stiffness of skeletal muscles seen in death; develops between the 4th and 24th hour after death, then ceases
  • general term used to describe conditions characterized by inflammation, soreness & stiffness of muscles & pain in joints
  • (an addition/ condition); artificial device used to replace an organ or body part, such as a hand arm leg or hip
  • (sternum/ clavicle/ breast/ resemble); muscle arising from the sternum & clavicle with its insertion in the mastoid process
  • (many/ stroke, paralysis); paralysis affecting many muscles
  • against/ agony, a contest/ agent; Muscle that counteracts the action of another muscle, when one contracts the other relaxes