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The Photosynthesis Process

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Reviewing the photosynthesis process and it's function

Created Date 03.27.19
Last Updated 03.28.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is surrounded by 2 membranes and inside grana is formed?
  • What are stacks that contain chlorophyll?
  • What are molecules of sugar that store energy?
  • What is a green pigment that captures light energy for photosynthesis?
  • What is the waxy surface that covers and protects the plant?
  • What is the loss of water from leaves?
  • Why is photosynthesis important?
  • What is the function (job) of glucose?
  • Plants capture ________________ from sunlight during Photosynthesis.
  • When the stomata are open, ________________________ enters the leaf.
  • The ________________________ produced during photosynthesis exits the leaf with water.
  • During ___________________________, plant cells break down glucose and other food molecules.
  • The process by which plants make their own food is called ____________________________.
  • _________________________ act like double doors, opening and closing the stoma.
  • ______________________ is an opening in the leaf’s epidermis and cuticle.