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Cell Organelle Vocabulary

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Use this Spin to Win game to review the terms from the cell organelle structure and function unit. Good luck, and have fun! RULES: Spin to Win is played by one person at a time, and there is no time limit. To answer a question, players select consonants or buy vowels. They may attempt to solve the puzzle at any time. Points continue to increase until the end of the game, but landing on 000 will cause a player to lose a turn and the points from that round.

Created Date 11.24.19
Last Updated 11.25.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Serves as a barrier to determine what can go in or out of the cell.
  • It provides the cell with added protection and support.
  • Supports and suspends organelles.
  • A network of filaments and tubules that supports the cell membrane and gives the cell its shape.
  • Directs and controls most of the cell's activities.
  • The protein synthesizers of the cell.
  • Synthesizes and packages proteins.
  • It collects, modifies, and packages proteins.
  • Stores substances such as water, salts, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • Uses enzymes to digest complex molecules or to break down worn out cell parts.
  • Captures light energy from the sun to carry out photosynthesis.
  • Provides energy for the cell.
  • Supervises the production of ribosomes.
  • Organizes the cytoskeleton for animal cell division.
  • Synthesizes lipids and hormones.