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Microscope Review

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microscope review

Created Date 03.04.20
Last Updated 03.05.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Name the rectangular thick glass where you place the specimen directly.
  • Why should you use extreme caution (especially with the coarse adjustment) when using the longest objective?
  • Who is known as the "Father of Microscopy"?
  • Calculate the magnification power when using the 40x objective on our microscopes
  • When focusing the microscope which adjustment knob is used first?
  • Which objective has the highest level of magnification?
  • Which objective do you use first?
  • Which part of the microscope do you adjust if there is not enough light to see the specimen?
  • What is the name of the thin glass square that is used to hold the specimen in place?
  • Which part of the microscope is used to hold a slide in place?
  • Where do you place your prepared slide when you are ready to view?
  • How do you change objectives for viewing?