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The Solar System

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Solar System Facts

Created Date 06.17.20
Last Updated 06.17.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The closest planet to the sun
  • Planet known for it's rings or most moons
  • The last known planet in our Solar System
  • The star known for heating up the Earth with radiation
  • The biggest planet in our Solar System, also known for it's Great Red spot
  • The only known planet to support human life
  • The second planet from the Sun
  • The fourth planet from the Sun and likely to support life in the future
  • The seventh planet from the Sun, also known as Neptune's sister planet
  • When the Sun, moon and Earth align perfectly for the Sun's light to get blocked on a section of the Earth
  • When the Sun, Earth and moon align perfectly causing the moon to be in the Earth's shadow
  • When the Solar System was created
  • When the moon collided with the Earth causing it's creation
  • The first spacecraft to bring people to the moon
  • The space mission known as the "successful failure"
  • Neil Armstrong
  • The model of the Solar System where the Earth is in the middle
  • The model of the Solar System where the Sun is in the middle
  • The highest mountain we know of in the Solar System
  • Billions of fragment rocks that lie right beyond Mars
  • The line that divides the illuminated and dark side of the moon
  • The first people to describe what they saw in the sky
  • The shape the planets rotate in (not a circle)
  • The force causing the planets to orbit around the Sun