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Astronomy 2020

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6th grade astronomy

Created Date 09.25.20
Last Updated 09.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • How many stars are located inside our solar system?
  • What is the Latin word for moon?
  • What is the Greek word for star?
  • What is the center of our solar system?
  • What year did Apollo 11 land on the moon?
  • Where does the sun appear to rise?
  • What does the earth spinning on it's axis (rotating) cause?
  • In which unit is distance in space measured?
  • Which space rock is known as a "chunk of ice and dust; may have a tail"?
  • Which space rock may fall at your feet? meteorite or meteoroid or comet or meteor
  • What does the earth orbiting (revolving) plus being tilted on it's axis cause?