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Rapid Fire Black Holes

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Facts about black holes

Created Date 12.04.20
Last Updated 12.06.20
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Topics of this game:
  • How are black holes formed?
  • How can you make a black hole?
  • What happens when you get too close to a black hole?
  • Why can't light escape black hole?
  • How are black holes endless?
  • How do black holes die?
  • What is the middle of a black hole called?
  • How much mass can a black hole have?
  • Can a black hole destroy a black hole?
  • Can galaxies be destroyed by black holes?
  • Will the sun ever become a black hole?
  • How many types of black holes are there?
  • Is there a black hole in the milky way?
  • When you get close to a black hole what happens to time?
  • How many layers are in a black hole?
  • What can become a black hole?
  • What would happen if a black hole with the same mass of the sun was where the sun was?
  • What makes a black hole so strong?
  • Why is a black hole not always dark?
  • How does a black hole spin?