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The Planets: Venus

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Venus, the second planet from the Sun, is also known as Earths "twin". Venus was the first planet to ever be reached by a space probe. The Soviet probe, Venera 7 was the first probe to land on Venus in 1970. Currently, the European space agency's Venus Express is orbiting the planet.

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Topics of this game:
  • Venus is about the same size as earth.
  • Surface temperatures on Venus can reach more than
  • A person weighing 100 pounds on Earth would weigh approximately ___ pounds on Venus
  • There are more _______ on Venus than on any other planet in the solar system.
  • Venus is hard to see from Earth because the atmosphere on Venus is very dark.
  • On Venus, a year lasts longer than a day
  • Approximately 65% of Venus’ surface is covered in ___________, and the remaining 35% is made up of six mountainous regions.
  • What phenomenon is more common on Venus than it is on Earth?
  • The atmosphere of Venus is an unappealing mixture of ___________________________.
  • What is the name of Venus's moon?