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Solar System Game

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Answer questions about the objects in our solar system

Created Date 05.08.21
Last Updated 05.11.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Closest star to planet Earth
  • Small, rocky planet that is closest to the sun
  • Band of broken chunks of metal and rock between Mars and Jupiter
  • a ball of ice, dust, and rock that forms a tail as it approaches sun
  • Planets with solid cores and rocky surfaces
  • Planets that are large, gaseous, and most distant from the Sun
  • Planet that is famous for its great rings
  • the predictable path an object takes as it revolves around the sun
  • celestial objects that orbit planets
  • a meteoroid that has entered Earth's atmosphere
  • the force that governs the movement of all objects in our solar system
  • the motion of a planet around its axis
  • This inner planet has the tallest known volcano, Olympic Mons
  • a meteor that has landed on Earth's surface
  • All of these are parts of a comet except: