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There are trivia questions about a planet's attributes. The rules are to correctly answer the questions and to have fun learning about our planets.

Created Date 05.13.21
Last Updated 05.17.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Mode: Easy Which planet had received its rings 4.5 billion years ago from one of its large moons forming too close to this planet to maintain a solid orbit?
  • In the solar system, which planet has a specific color displayed due to its soil appearing like rusty iron?
  • The smallest and fastest planet closest to the Sun in the Solar System is ........
  • This planet is the oldest, largest, and planet with the most moons. It's 79 moons take hours to years to orbit this planet!
  • Challenge Question: Which of the following planets has a clear material inside of it that disallows a super-Earth to form inside of it?
  • This planet is the most distant planet from the Sun and has the slowest orbital speed among the 8 planets. This planet only receives 40% of sunlight.
  • Fill in the blanks ___________ is our fifth largest planet in our solar system, and is the only known planet for sure to have liquid water on its surface.
  • One day on this planet is longer than one Earth year! It takes this planet longer to rotate a single time on its axis than to complete a full orbit around the Sun.
  • Trick Question: All of the other planets in the solar system spin anti-clockwise on their axis. Which one of these planets spins CLOCKWISE on its axis?
  • This planet is known as the "sideways planet" based on it rotating on its side.
  • Increased Difficulty: The temperature on this planet can decrease to 51.7 Kelvin, or -221.45 degrees Celsius (-366.6 degrees Fahrenheit) making it the coldest planet. A human would instantly freeze if they are unprotected.
  • Out of the following, which of the planets has Tectonic Plates that reshape and keep this planet comfortable?
  • Fill in the Blank ___________ and Earth approximately have the same landmass. The surface gravity is 37% of the Earth's, which means that you can jump 3 times higher on this planet.
  • This planet goes through phases that are similar to the Moon. This planet goes through phases when only a section of it reflects the Sun's light.
  • Trivia Question: This planet is made up of methane, water, and ammonia fluids on top of a tiny rocky center. The atmosphere of this planet is made up of hydrogen and helium, with methane. The methane makes this planet blue.
  • Why does Jupiter have the highest gravity in the Solar System?
  • Fill in the Blank: _________ has 90 times the atmospheric pressure of Earth. This has a similarity to the same pressure at a depth of 1 km in Earth's oceans.
  • (Challenging Question) Fill in The blank: ___________ spins on its axis hastily. One day on __________ is 10 hours and 14 minutes.
  • Challenging Question: This planet has a very active climate. The largest storm this planet had, lasted about five years in 1989. The storms whirl up in its upper atmosphere.
  • Easy Question How many rings does Uranus Have?
  • Interesting and Challenging Question: How many dwarf planets are in the Solar System? To be more specific, numerous amounts of scientists believe that there could be many dwarf planets, but how many are officially recognized?
  • What does a dwarf planet mean?
  • Easy Question: Which of the following is NOT a dwarf planet.
  • ________ rotates on its axis every 23.9 hours and orbits the sun once every 365.25 days. Which planet fits in the blank?
  • According to the Big Bang theory, how many years ago did the Earth, including our universe first from?
  • Why does the Earth only have one moon, when the other planets have none or multiple moons?
  • What would happen to the planets if the Sun suddenly vanished?
  • Choose the box with the CORRECT order of the planets.
  • Why is the solar system formed as it is?
  • Which planet has no water on its surface?
  • Which planet DOESN'T have a hot interior, so it doesn't lose heat. This differs from planets with hot interiors and lose their heat. Hint: This planet is really hot (43,000 degrees Fahrenheit), but doesn't have the type of hot interiors other planets have.
  • Hard Question: Select the box with the CORRECT order of the dwarf planets.
  • Challenging Question: Which dwarf planet has the most moons, changing in size and orbit in a chaotic and weird pattern?
  • Which dwarf planet has the least amount of moons, zero means to be exact, and why?
  • Interesting and difficult Question: ________ cannot become a star because it doesn't have nearly as enough mass to trigger a fusion reaction in its core, even though it's rich in hydrogen and helium.
  • Which planet has clouds only 50 km thick?
  • Fun Question: Fill in the blank: ___________ has YOUNG water ice and organics.
  • How many years did the sun from before the planets?
  • Short Question: Choose the correct planet order LARGEST to SMALLEST in size.
  • After all those questions, review if this question is True or False. The Sun isn't essential for the planets.