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Moon Phases

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Review phases of the moon

Created Date 02.24.17
Last Updated 02.27.17
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Topics of this game:
  • When Earth's shadow blocks the moon, it is called a
  • The tides are cause by
  • This is caused because different areas of the moon's surface are lighted by the sun.
  • For approximately two weeks after a full moon, you can expect the moon to
  • How long does it take the Moon to go around the Earth?
  • During which moon phase can we see all of the moon from Earth?
  • The moon reflects light emitted from the sun.
  • The moon is visible to us because the moon
  • Is the Moon bigger or smaller than the Earth?
  • Choose the correct order of the Moon Phases.
  • During the New Moon phase, we can see light shining on the Moon.
  • When the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, it is most likely what phase?
  • What are the four major moon phases?
  • What is the New Moon?
  • What is the difference between a quarter moon and a half moon?