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Star Triviaton

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If you loose you will fail and if you pass you will not fail.

Created Date 04.28.22
Last Updated 04.29.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Stars can be classified by
  • What is the purpose of Hertzsprung-Russell diagram?
  • Color can be used to classify stars.
  • What does parallax mean?
  • What are constellations?
  • What are Black holes (Astronomy)?
  • What's the Big Bang Theory?
  • Is the milky way made out of milk?
  • Light Years are used to measure distance rather than time?
  • Tell me 5 characteristics of Stars
  • What's a nebula?
  • Binary Stars Definition
  • Neutron Star
  • What are galaxies?
  • Are Super-Novas Bigger Than Galaxies
  • Earth is older than our Solar system.