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The Earth - Final Exam Review Game Lyon - Whole class

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This game will help review for Mrs. Lyon's final exam.

Created Date 05.04.22
Last Updated 05.05.22
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the difference between the independent variable and a dependent variable?
  • What is the difference between repetition and replication?
  • Which shows the correct order of the planets from closest to the sun to furthest from the sun?
  • When Hydrogen atoms combine to form Helium and make energy for the sun, it is called _________.
  • The entire range of electromagnetic waves, makes up the ___________.
  • When the Earth spins on its axis, it is ____________.
  • When the planets orbit around the sun, it is called _______________.
  • What is the relationship between the seasons in the Northern and Southern hemispheres?
  • The lunar cycle always begins with the ______ moon.
  • What is the difference between a total and partial eclipse?
  • How does the greenhouse effect allow life to exist on the planet?
  • What is causing global warming?
  • What are the jet streams? What are their purpose?
  • Which answer choice correctly shows the layers of the atmosphere and their function?
  • Which answer choice shows the weather fronts and correctly shows the weather they bring?
  • Which statement below is true?
  • How are mechanical and chemical weathering different?
  • How are mechanical and chemical weathering similar?
  • Jessica is looking at 2 hills side by side. One is covered in grasses and one is bare. It is supposed to rain later in the afternoon. Which hillside will experience more runoff?
  • Which answer choice represents how each landform is made?
  • How are the lithosphere and asthenosphere related to one another?
  • Identify which answer choice shows how each rock type is made.
  • Which of the following is NOT a piece of evidence Wegener used to support his continental drift hypothesis?
  • What theory states that the Earth's crust is divided into pieces of rocks that can move because the sit on top of soft rock in the asthenosphere?
  • What theory states that new oceanic crust forms at a mid-ocean ridge and old crust moves out to the sides?
  • What process occurs when one tectonic plate moves under another?
  • Which statement is true about mid-ocean ridges, earthquakes, and volcanoes?
  • Match the earthquake part to its definition.
  • Volcanoes start out in the __________ stage. When they stop erupting, it moves into the ________. If the volcano will never erupt again in the future, it is called __________.