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A quiz game about the seasons on planet Earth.

Created Date 02.22.23
Last Updated 02.23.23
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Topics of this game:
  • The Earth's axis is tilted _____ degrees.
  • If the half of the Earth that we live on is facing towards the sun, which season would it be?
  • What happens when the area in which you live tilts away from the sun?
  • Why is the Equator warmest?
  • The hemisphere where you live?
  • Which season(s) have the same amount of daylight hours as nighttime hours?
  • What causes there to be longer number of hours of light during the summer?
  • How long does it take Earth to make one trip around the sun?
  • What causes the seasons?
  • In fall, our part of Earth tilts away from the sun. What happens next?