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The Solar System Memory Match

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Test your knowledge and learn about the different objects within our solar system.

Created Date 09.13.19
Last Updated 09.16.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The smallest planet and it is the closest to the sun
  • The hottest planet and it is the second planet away from the sun
  • Only planet with liquid water on the surface and it's the third planet away from the sun
  • The fourth planet away from the sun, it is often referred to as "the red planet."
  • The fifth planet away from the sun and it is also the largest
  • The sixth planet away from the sun and it has dazzling rings around it
  • The seventh planet away from the sun and it rotates at a nearly 90-degree angle from its plane
  • The farthest planet from the sun and it was found through mathematical calculations
  • The star of our solar system
  • Planet with the most moons
  • Mercury and Venus
  • Rocky fragments that are leftovers from the beginning of our solar system
  • Bits of debris that fall through our atmosphere
  • Snowballs of gas and dust that make sweeping orbits around our sun
  • the region of space between the orbits of Mars & Jupiter where most asteroids are found