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Science: Lights and Shadows

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unit game for grade four

Created Date 11.03.19
Last Updated 11.04.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Which are optical devices
  • light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
  • shows many different patterns and images as it turns
  • Shows objects in two different places you are able to see behind you
  • device to see an eclipse
  • my shadow is the longest
  • moving an item closer to the light source make the shadow...
  • true or false the angle of the shadow always stays the same
  • true or false you can only see shadows on a tuesday
  • to have a good reflector the surface should be?
  • what type of surface will not allow any light to pass?
  • when light is reflected from a shiny object which way does it travel
  • what makes a good reflector
  • what happen to a prism when you flash a light on it
  • what happens when you mix red, green and blue light
  • what does Emit mean
  • an optical illusion
  • what does a mirror do to your image?
  • when light is refracted it is
  • light travels in what direction?