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Star Facts

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This game will assess your knowledge of astronomy terms dealing with the characteristics of stars.

Created Date 03.29.20
Last Updated 03.30.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the brightness of a star called?
  • A small- or medium-sized star
  • What is an area of extreme gravitational force that may result from the collapse of a massive supergiant star?
  • What is the apparent movement or change in position of one star in relationship to another?
  • What is the star nearest Earth?
  • A star that can be tens to hundreds of times larger and hundreds of times more luminous than the sun
  • A star that is hundreds of times larger than the sun and thousands of times brighter
  • What is the size of our sun?
  • What is a star's apparent brightness?
  • What is a star's actual brightness?
  • Coolest stars are what color?
  • Hottest stars are what color?
  • What is the next closest star to Earth?
  • What is a neutron star that spins rapidly on its axis?
  • What is the distance that light travels in one year?
  • What is the death explosion of a massive star?
  • What are stars that regularly or repeatedly change in magnitude ?
  • What is a star that suddenly flares and becomes hundreds or thousands of times brighter than normal?
  • A pair of stars that appear to change in brightness because one star moves in front of the other star.
  • What is a cloud of interstellar gases and debris?