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Unit 3 - A Changing Economy

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Questions about the economy.

Created Date 01.11.21
Last Updated 01.11.21
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the definition of a recession?
  • What does a consumer economy depend on?
  • What is an example of nativism?
  • How is wealth currently distributed in America?
  • Which of these events MOST LIKELY was a cause of the flapper culture?
  • What was the Red Scare?
  • How did the Red Scare change American society?
  • If automobile manufacturers are producing cars faster than people want to buy them:
  • What does owning a stock represent?
  • Why do stock prices go up?
  • Which of these was the MOST LIKELY weakness in the 1920's economy that led to the stock market crash?
  • Which of these effects were MOST LIKELY a direct result of the Great Depression?