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Congress Review Vocab

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congress terms

Created Date 02.02.23
Last Updated 02.02.23
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Topics of this game:
  • sending government funds back home to local projects is called
  • the exchange of goods and services aka trade is referred to as
  • when congress redistributes seats in the house after collecting the census is called
  • the exclusive right of an author to reproduce, publish, and sell their work
  • formally charging government officials is called
  • the process to become a US citizen is called
  • when a congressman votes on the needs of their constituents this is called
  • what chamber in congress is based on population
  • what chamber in congress confirms presidential appointments
  • who has the power to declare war
  • when politicians use their own judgement when voting on legislation this is called
  • when a politician votes on the wishes of their party this is called
  • when you combine the wishes of your constituents, your own judgement, and what your party wants this is called
  • what grants a person the sole right to manufacture, use, or sell any new and useful invention/work.
  • who chooses the president if neither candidate gets 270 votes in the electoral college
  • what amendment deals with congressional salaries
  • what amendment states congress starts in January