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Emotional & Social Development in Middle Childhood

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You're asked to match terms and definitions related to emotional & social development in middle childhood.

Created Date 01.24.15
Last Updated 01.26.15
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Topics of this game:
  • A feeling of being in control of one's emotional experience
  • The capacity to imagine what others may be thinking or feeling
  • "Tough", aggressive kids, who defy authority but are admired
  • Degree to which a child feels he fits in with others of same gender
  • Belief that ability is fixed and cannot be improved by trying harder
  • Grants divorced parents equal say in their child's upbringing
  • Children who are without supervision for some time after school
  • Parental oversight allowing cooperative decision-making by kids
  • Meetings between divorcing adults & profession to reduce conflict
  • Conflict for child to gain a sense of competence in skills & tasks