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Cooking Terminology 3

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Cooking terminology

Created Date 08.03.19
Last Updated 08.07.19
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Topics of this game:
  • You can buy the whole cell phone package, or you can choose the features you want __.
  • This politician is always in the news for doing bad. The scandal _ involves hiring illegal workers.
  • We offered him a salary, but the _________ is the thing that finally convinced him.
  • Geoff likes all kinds of food, but his favourite ______ is Italian.
  • Would you like your pie ______ or plain?
  • The famous news anchor is well known for his ______ statements.
  • This restaurant has Instead of a menu, the clients come in for a daily ______ offering selected by the chef.
  • Jim, who works ten hours a day, really ________ his vacation time by doing nothing.
  • The website's ________ offers a range of features to try.