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Drinking Terminology 1

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Drinking terminology : drinking

Created Date 08.03.19
Last Updated 08.07.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Before a person drinks any alcohol, he/she is:
  • What does it mean if Jon says "it's on me"?
  • "Bartender, I'd like a beer. What do you have on _?"
  • What does "It's my creation" mean?
  • "Wow, that drink is very strong... it's really _."
  • My pink lemonade is: one _ lemon vodka, one _ blueberry smoothie, and one _ San Pellegrino Limonada.
  • If you drank alcohol, and can't behave properly, you are _.
  • Another word for 'drunk' is _.
  • Mr. E. was drunk, he fought at the bar, and was _______.
  • What does LAST CALL!" mean?