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BOOM CHAKALAKA KITA (K.I.T.A. and the Maori language)

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A questionnaire on things K.I.T.A. and Māori reo. To win the challenge your goal is to score the highest points!

Created Date 08.28.19
Last Updated 09.03.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the Maori name for Potato
  • What is the Maori name for New Zealand
  • What does K.I.T.A stand for?
  • Which one of these things have we not learnt in our Rangatahi lessons?
  • What is the Maori Name for Apple?
  • We learnt about what the "Haka" means. Which statement is closest to what the haka is about?
  • What does this statement mean. Morena, Kei te pehea koe?
  • In the late 80's, what did K.I.T.A. ride on through the streets of Hobart city?
  • What does "Whakarongo Mai" mean?
  • Which statement is false about K.I.T.A.?
  • How do you say Hello in Maori?
  • What is a Pepeha?