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Chapter 1- Early People

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Review the development of early humans in the Paleolithic Era

Created Date 09.25.19
Last Updated 09.25.19
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Topics of this game:
  • How can we tell which artifacts are older on an excavation site?
  • Where do scientists believe early human life began?
  • Which archaeologist found was the first one to find fossils in Africa?
  • What is the scientific name for the type of homonid (human) you are?
  • Which is one artifact early humans did NOT create?
  • What major skill allowed early humans to survive the last Ice Age?
  • What was a major benefit in people beginning to travel in larger groups?
  • What was the main GOAL of early hunter-gatherers?
  • Which of the following did homo sapiens know how to do, but Neanderthals did not?
  • Which is proof that early humans' culture was becoming more complex?
  • What do the words "Paleolithic Era" mean?
  • Which is NOT a way humans adapted to their environment during the Ice Age?
  • Who is the only type of homonid still living today?
  • The theory of evolution means that humans came from apes.
  • How did early humans organize their society?