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Ancient Mesopotamia

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Unit Test Review Activity

Created Date 12.03.19
Last Updated 12.03.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The name Mesopotamia comes from its location, which was __.
  • The environment of Sumer was __.
  • Why were Sumerian communities called city-states?
  • Which fact allowed Neolithic people to farm in the foothills of the Zagros Mountains?
  • What development caused food shortages in the Zagros foothills?
  • What solution did people in the Zagros foothills find to fix the problem of food shortages?
  • One factor that made farming difficult in the area of Sumer was __.
  • Why did the rivers flood in the spring?
  • What was the chief purpose of dams and reservoirs?
  • If you were in ancient Sumer, you might see a levee beside a river. Why was the levee built?
  • Why was silt a problem for the people of Sumer?
  • Why did the villages of Sumer depend on each other?
  • The people of Sumer constructed moats to __.
  • Sumerian farming villages lead to the development of __.
  • A blue stone called lapis lazuli, used on the Standard of Ur, came from far beyond the Zagros mountains. This shows that city-states of Sumer engaged in __.
  • A society has a stable food supply if __.
  • Which one of these inventions most affected the food supply in Sumer?
  • In Sumer, the __ was responsible for leading the army, enforcing the laws, and having temple built?
  • Which Sumerian belief about the king helped strengthen the social order?
  • Why were scribes important in Sumerian government?
  • The building in the picture was most closely related to which feature of Sumerian civilization?
  • Which evidence shows that the Sumerians lived after the Stone Age?
  • Drums, pipes, lyres - What was the main use of these items?
  • Which invention made it possible for Sumerian armies to use chariots?
  • Which invention added strength and beauty to Sumerian buildings?
  • What evidence found by archaeologists shows that Sumerians were not prehistoric?
  • What did Sumerians use to produce cuneiform?
  • What was a problem caused by Sumerian city-states' independence from one another?
  • The Sumerians were a civilization, but not an empire. What feature did the Akkadian, Babylonian, and Assyrian empires have that the Sumerians lacked?
  • Which of these did the Akkadians use to gain power over Sumer?
  • For what is Hammurabi best remembered?
  • How was the legal system of Babylon more advanced than that of other societies at that time?
  • Who conquered the land of the Israelites and took many Israelites to Babylon as captives?
  • The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were a wonder of the ancient world. Where were they planted?
  • A problem that all four Mesopotamian empires had was difficulty in __.