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World War 2 Baseball

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World War 2 Baseball Game

Created Date 03.04.20
Last Updated 03.05.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What political actions did Hitler take after the 1933 elections?
  • What is hitler's private military called?
  • How did the US aid the Chinese?
  • Where was Hitler's first major loss?
  • Who wins at Stalingrad?
  • Why does Hitler want Stalingrad?
  • What is Operation Overlord?
  • What were the Jewish forced to wear after the nuremberg laws?
  • Who was Ernst Vom Rath?
  • What are the Doolittle raids?
  • What does Hitler find from WWI that he uses to make the French sign their surrender?
  • How long had WWII been going on till the U.S. got involved?
  • What could be considered the start of WWII?? (Think of the Pacific)
  • Who became the puppet ruler of Manchuria?
  • What was the area of Manchuria renamed after Japanese control?
  • How did the League of Nations react to the invasion of Manchuria?
  • What incident did the Japanese claim they were fired upon, allowing them to attack the rest of China?
  • What is the Burma road?
  • What is the Panay incident?
  • Where does Mussolini want to attack to restore their honor?
  • Who is Haile Selassie?
  • Who aided the Italians when attacking Ethiopia?
  • Prior to WWII what are the European nations most afraid of?
  • What happened before the 1933 elections that increased the popularity of the nazi party?
  • What is germany's secret police and who leads it?
  • Who is Himmler?
  • Where does Hitler first remilitarize?
  • What was the defense of Hitler's expansion up until his attack on Poland?
  • What is Lebensraum?
  • Who are the axis powers?
  • What war allows hitler to practice blitzkrieg?
  • What is the Spanish Civil war?
  • Who led the communists in the Spanish civil war?
  • What major economic problem going on in the US?
  • What does the US pass to stay neutral?
  • What is the Munich pact?
  • What is the Anschluss?
  • The invasion of Australia by Japan
  • Who is Neville Chamberlain?
  • What is Hitler's claim for wanting the northern part of poland?