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South Asia Review-Squid attack

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Brief review of concepts from the South Asia unit

Created Date 03.30.20
Last Updated 03.30.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What are the strong seasonal winds in India called?
  • What type of plate tectonic boundary forms the Himalayas?
  • What famous mountain is located in the Himalayas?
  • What unexpected things might you find if you climb Mt. Everest?
  • How can winter monsoons be described?
  • How can summer monsoons be described?
  • Why are winter monsoons cold?
  • Why are summer monsoons wet?
  • What is the main effect of the winter monsoon?
  • What is the main effect of the summer monsoons?
  • Why are the summer floods a good thing for India?
  • What is the word for having more than one god?
  • Which word means having only one god?
  • What does reincarnation mean in Hinduism?
  • Karma means that if you do good deeds you are living a
  • What is the most common religion in India?
  • Which food are Hindus not allowed to eat?