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Population: Birth Rate and Death Rate

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Test your skills on reasons for high and low birth rate!

Created Date 05.01.20
Last Updated 05.04.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What does HIGH birth rate mean?
  • Which situation below can be considered to have HIGH death rate?
  • Fatimah has decided to prioritise her cooking business over marriage. She has decided to marry at a later age.
  • Travelling to countries that have high number of pandemic such as Coronavirus and not social distancing may cause..
  • A poor woman in Africa does not have enough money and utilises a farm to grow crops. This can mean there is...
  • A place that has no proper medical care and poor sanitation, lack of clean water and malnourished diet may cause
  • The people in the country live up to 80 to100 years of age as most of them practise healthy lifestyle. What can be said about its death rate?
  • There is high cost of living in Dubai. This may be a reason for...
  • What is a problem of low birth rate?
  • What is a solution for overpopulation?