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Ancient Egypt Achievements

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Answer the questions correctly to reach base and score runs.

Created Date 02.03.24
Last Updated 02.05.24
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Topics of this game:
  • Where is Lower Egypt located?
  • Where is Upper Egypt located?
  • The three pyramids built in Cairo were tombs for what three pharaohs?
  • True or False? The Great Pyramid is known as Khufu's pyramid.
  • The Great Pyramid is one of the ____________ ancient wonders of the world.
  • The Great Pyramid is one of two ancient wonders of the world still around today.
  • The head and face of the Great ______________ is believed. to be one of the pharaohs buried at _________________.
  • The Great Sphinx has a body of a __________, which is to symbolize a strong ruler.
  • The capital of Egypt was moved south to _________________.
  • The Valley of the King was known as a necropolis, or city of the dead, where pharaohs were buried ______________________.
  • Why would they carve the burial chamber right out of the cliff?
  • True or False? By the time the tombs were discovered by Egyptologists, in the early 1900's, the tombs were in perfect condition.
  • Which tomb had not been broken into by tomb robbers?
  • Queen Hatshepsut's burial chamber was __________________________________.
  • True or False? Ramses II burial site is not in good condition.
  • Egypt's two largest temple complexes can be found in __________________ and ___________________.
  • _________________ were believed to have power over every prospect of life.
  • What are tall towers used as an entrance way to a temple and usually come in pairs called?
  • Who is the falcon god?
  • What are 3 achievements of ancient Egypt?