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Early Humans

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A great review for Unit 1 of 6th grade social studies.

Created Date 09.13.20
Last Updated 09.14.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What is a civilization?
  • What do we call a person who moves from place to place following their food source?
  • Early humans didn't farm. How did they get their food?
  • What is migration?
  • Which of these is an environmental factor?
  • What is it called to move water from its source to a place where it is needed?
  • If an area is too dry to grow crops, what's a possible solution?
  • Is the United States a civilization?
  • Most early Neolithic people were nomads because they were also:
  • What caused most early humans to migrate?
  • Is a phone a need or a want?
  • Is food a need or a want?
  • What did humans use stones for?
  • How did early humans use animals ?
  • What is the most essential thing for human survival?
  • What is the Agricultural Revolution?
  • What does "lithic" mean?
  • What does Paleolithic mean?
  • What does Neolithic mean?
  • What's the difference between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras?
  • What is historical archaeology?
  • What's an artifact?
  • What does surplus mean?
  • When humans began focusing on special skills and jobs, that's called:
  • When humans changed the growth patterns and behaviors of animals to meet their own needs, that was called:
  • Are the Las Caux Cave drawings examples of artifacts?
  • A surplus of what led to humans being able to specialize their jobs and skills?
  • What was the first animal to be domesticated?
  • What is prehistory?
  • Is George Washington prehistoric?
  • Are dinosaurs prehistoric?
  • Is the Neolithic Period prehistoric?
  • How do we know the information we do about prehistoric peoples?
  • What is fertile soil?