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Social Studies Vocabulary Review 1

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Review of Social Studies vocabulary

Created Date 03.15.18
Last Updated 03.19.18
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Topics of this game:
  • the largest landmasses on our earth that are surrounded by saltwater
  • a small or large area of liquid that can be classified as salt or fresh
  • a narrative told by word of mouth from generation to generation
  • a person that has the bloodline of the First Americans
  • An agreement for self-government made by the Pilgrims on their ship
  • when decisions for the community are controlled by the citizens
  • a settlement or area that is controlled by another country
  • to change in order to survive or fit it
  • this is an object or person that gives us a first hand account of the past event
  • an object or person that gives us information about the past event but they/it were not a witness