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Unit 1 Vocabulary: Native American and Early Exploration

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Native American and Early Exploration Vocabulary

Created Date 09.18.18
Last Updated 09.18.18
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Topics of this game:
  • to adjust to new circumstances
  • an agreement between nations to aid and protect one another
  • the global exchange of goods and ideas between eastern & western hemisphere
  • early animals and people traveled from Siberia to Alaska across Beringia
  • A confederation of Native American people that lived in New York States
  • group of people with shared beliefs, values, and way of life
  • external factors influencing life & activities of people, plants, & animals
  • the study of people, their environment, and their resources
  • to move from one area to another
  • found in nature, can be used by people ex:) water, wood, gold, oil
  • waterway through or around North America
  • firsthand information about people or events