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Folk, Pop, and Material Culture

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Unit 4 Review Game : Folk vs. Pop vs. Material Culture

Created Date 01.13.19
Last Updated 01.14.19
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Topics of this game:
  • How does Popular Culture diffuse?
  • Which of the following is NOT one quality of folk culture?
  • Popular culture is all of the following BUT
  • Each culture element has all of the following BUT:
  • Popular Culture has become more dominant, not impacting Folk Culture
  • What type of hearth does Folk Culture typically have?
  • Why does folk culture not tend to have as much access as popular culture?
  • What type of region are cultural regions often considered?
  • Increased connection with popular culture can make it difficult for folk culture to maintain centuries old practices.
  • The Amish in the US are an example of a cultural group attempting to maintain cultural traditions in the middle of a dominant popular culture.
  • Which of the following are NOT a way the Amish have attempted to maintain their cultural traditions?
  • Folk Culture is primarily diffused through migration
  • Which of the following is an example of pop culture?
  • How is folk culture music written?
  • What is material culture?
  • What type of culture is most influenced by environmental conditions?
  • When did popular culture diffuse rapidly by social media?
  • How was the invention of TV’s important to diffusion?
  • How does globalization affect folk culture?
  • The diffusion of popular culture from developed countries can lead to dominance of Western perspectives.