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Reactions to Imperialism

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This will be a game and have questions about the reactions to imperialism.

Created Date 01.18.19
Last Updated 01.18.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Where did the Sepoy Rebellion occur?
  • Who took complete control of India?
  • Who were Sepoys?
  • Who decided to revolt?
  • Nickname India?
  • How did Japan change due to the Meiji Restoration?
  • Who forced japan to open to trade?
  • Who did Japan fight for Korea?
  • What was the the war called when they fought China?
  • What was the war that Japan fought against Russia called?
  • Who were the Righteous and Harmonious fists?
  • Who did the Boxers target during the Boxer Rebellion?
  • Why did Britain want to trade with China?
  • What does reform mean?
  • Which two countries fought in the Opium War?
  • Where were the Zulu Wars fought?
  • Who was the leader of the Zulu Kingdom?
  • Why were European nations interested in the Zulu Kingdom?
  • Who were the Boers (Afrikaners)?
  • Who won the Zulu War?