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Greece: Chapter 10 Vocabulary

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Match the Vocabulary Word with the correct definition.

Created Date 01.31.19
Last Updated 02.01.19
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Topics of this game:
  • city-state in ancient Greece
  • a person in a society with rights
  • Greek for 'high city'
  • the art and practice of government
  • a person who works on another person's land
  • a foreigner in a Greek city-state
  • a member of the Spartan government who made sure the kings did their jobs.
  • A Greek military formation
  • a Spartan slave
  • a hereditary class of rulers- rich landowners in ancient Greece
  • a type of government with a few people in charge
  • a type of government with one strong ruler
  • a type of government with kings and queens in charge
  • a type of government where all citizens are in charge
  • a type of government where ALL citizens vote on ALL things
  • a type of government where people elect other people to vote for them.