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Build your Knowledge - Public knowledge and Interesting Facts

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This game tests your public knowledge. Are you ready to play?

Created Date 03.20.19
Last Updated 03.21.19
Viewed 24 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the most popular male's name in the world?
  • Which animal has 4 knees?
  • Which of the following cities has the most "Rolls - Royce car"?
  • How many times do we blink during a week?
  • Which year the difference between the right and left leg was given importance in shoe construction?
  • About how many hair strands does a person lose each week?
  • Which country’s capital is Ottawa?
  • Which scientist holds a record of patents for his discoveries?
  • When is International Woman’s Day?
  • Which country is the largest consumer of gold?