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Korean Vocabulary

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A helpful guide for 7th graders

Created Date 04.24.19
Last Updated 04.26.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is celadon?
  • The writing system of Korea is called ___________
  • Which Korean ruler changed their writing system?
  • Line of Latitude that divides North and South Korea
  • Which of the following is an organization of countries from around the world that work for peace and security.
  • What is a Demilitarized Zone
  • Which maritial art is from Korea?
  • Chuseok is a Korean festival that honors _____________
  • Who was the first communist leader of North Korea?
  • Who was the second communist leader of North Korea?
  • Who is the current communist leader of North Korea?
  • What is the capital of North Korea?
  • What is the capital of South Korea?
  • What is the highest peak in Korea?
  • Which river is found on the North Korean border with China?
  • Which sea does NOT border Korea?
  • Jeju Island is controlled by what country?