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Microeconomics Review - Vocabulary

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Review of vocabulary for Microeconomics Unit.

Created Date 10.19.20
Last Updated 10.20.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The point where supply and demand curves meet.
  • The Government's role in business that affects production.
  • Demand that reacts to a change in price.
  • The study of economic behavior of individuals.
  • Mutual reliance between two or more groups.
  • Situation in which supply exceeds demand.
  • Wanting something and being able to buy it
  • People buy less of the item they need that has increased in price without increasing purchases of other items describes the
  • Supply and demand determines market prices
  • Distribution based on need or merit
  • Legal obligation to pay debt.
  • Its owners are personally responsible to pay any debt the business owes.
  • Business owners are only responsible to pay as much as they own stock in the business.
  • If a business owner dies or quits.
  • Pay taxes on profits and shareholders also pay taxes on thier dividends (money paid to shareholders).
  • Who is responsible for operating a business on a daily basis?
  • Different business organizations are taxed differently. This includes single and double taxations.
  • More sellers makes a market more competitive.
  • Fewer barriers make a market more competitive.
  • A market with fewer price controls is more competitive.
  • How is one good or service different from others?