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How many home runs can you hit??

Created Date 05.14.21
Last Updated 05.17.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Which area of the world has the largest crude oil reserves??
  • Which organization publishes the Human Development Report?
  • The total income of a country divided by its total population is called
  • Literacy Rate stands for-
  • What is the Human Development Index (HDI) rank of India in the world?
  • The developmental goal for a prosperous farmer from Punjab would be-
  • Which of the following statement is correct-
  • _______ is the development to go up further or at least be maintained for future generations.
  • Kerala has low Infant Morality Rate because-
  • There are 5 people - A,B,C,D and E. The income of A=5,000 ; B=3,000 ; C=6,000 ; D=10,000 and E=2,000. Find the average income of these families.