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Circular Economy Bingo!

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Bioeconomy and circular economy concepts

Created Date 12.19.18
Last Updated 12.19.18
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Topics of this game:
  • The process of usage of CO2 as a carbon source for growth, helping to reduce the atmospheric CO2 is called
  • The third largest waste stream of MSW in developing countries is ___
  • A thermo-chemical conversion process and where both organic and inorganic waste are suitable waste types.
  • In East Asia and Pacific _____ dominates the Municipal Solid Waste composition
  • ____ and pulp industry is considered a primary consumer of natural resources like water and conventional fuels
  • Improving a position by going past others quickly or by missing some stages of a process
  • Concerned with the relationship between industrial development and the environment
  • Way to integrate environmental management and meet environmental, economic and community development goals.
  • Minimise overall wastes, while maximising the efficiency of resource use.
  • Waste recovery, reuse, repair and remanufacturing functions
  • Enable recycling by breaking down complex wastes into reusable organic, metal, plastic and other components
  • Assesses environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product's life
  • Urban renewal and retrofitting program making cities citizen friendly and sustainable.
  • Bring food production closer to consumption, reducing food waste and transportation requirements
  • Predominantly linear supply chains pull the country towards the same one-way model of growth
  • The ___ biomass can provide a constant supply of feedstock to waste biorefinery
  • WTE stands for Waste Time Equivalent.
  • Modular construction methods can minimise waste and reduce construction costs.
  • Vegetable oil and biodiesel are products from the ____ biorefinery
  • Where products and services are traded in closed loops or 'cycles'
  • Fermentation is a type of ____ conversion
  • Corporate - Level initiatives
  • Inter-Firm Level projects
  • Social-Level Activities
  • GHG emissions, congestion, and pollution