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Europe Economics

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Europe Economics

Created Date 04.04.19
Last Updated 04.04.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Canada's currency...
  • Germany's currency...
  • Britain's currency
  • Another word for trade
  • Currency adopted by the European Union..
  • Tax paid for goods brought into the country..
  • Economy moves from agriculture to manufacturing...
  • System of money in general use...
  • Nations sharing common economic, security, & judicial policies..
  • Combining private and public businesses..
  • Country's imports exceed the value of its exports..
  • Business that does work for customer..
  • Early trade route where exotic goods, religion, and culture spread..
  • Economic system of Middle Ages - Work exchanged for protection..
  • Currency used in Britain..
  • Currency used in Russia...
  • Currency used in France...
  • Currency used in European Union...
  • Currency used in Poland...
  • Currency used in Ukraine..
  • Currency used in Mexico..
  • Propaganda where ad tries to convince you that everyone else is buying it...
  • Propaganda where ad tries to convince you that if you buy their product the great times you see will be yours!
  • Propaganda where ad tries to convince you that you should buy because a famous person tells you to...
  • Propaganda where ad tries to convince you that their product is better because the competition is way worse..
  • Propaganda where ad tries to convince you to donate money because you feel sorry for what is pictured..