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Government Economic Policy

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Answer the quaestions on government economic policies to win!

Created Date 06.28.19
Last Updated 07.08.19
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Topics of this game:
  • A government aims to keep domestic prices stable in a fully employed economy. Which policy should it use?
  • Which combination of government policies is most likely to increase the rate of growth of domestic production in an economy?
  • The managers of a firm have to discuss the following topics. Which topic is least likely to be directly affected by the government’s influence on the firm?
  • When is a tax progressive?
  • In trying to achieve one of its aims a government may make it difficult to achieve another aim. What is an example of this conflict?
  • A government decides that an economy should make more use of the market. Which policy might help to achieve this?
  • Economic growth can be defined as
  • A country has different rates of income tax depending on the level of income earned. The highest rate of income tax is cut from 40% to 38%. From this statement it can be deduced that taxation will become
  • In 2008 inflation was close to 100 000% in Zimbabwe. In a bid to reduce this high rate, the Zimbabwean Government imposed maximum prices on a range of products. This caused price rises amongst those goods sold unofficially or illegally. What could explain this?