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UIL History of the Americas Game 1

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UIL History study game 5th grade

Created Date 11.13.19
Last Updated 11.14.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The abbreviation for Massachusetts is
  • The biggest state in size in the United States is
  • Spain wanted to explore the Americas in search of
  • What are encomiendas?
  • The Spaniards defeated the ________ Empire to gain more control of lands in the Americas.
  • Prince Henry the Navigator created sailing schools to improve navigation and the ___ was then invented.
  • Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean searching for a _________ to Asia and India.
  • The largest group in the New Spain social class was the
  • A child born in New Spain to parents that are Indian and Spanish was known as a ____
  • The oldest European settlement in America is ____.
  • The term "uprising" means to _____.
  • The judicial branch is responsible for
  • The President oversees the ____ branch of government.
  • Supreme Court Justices are appointed to the bench for ________.
  • The French set up a fort named ______ in what is now Canada and it was a big fur-trading post.
  • Who founded the Hudson River in New York while searching for a Northwest Passage for the Dutch?
  • Pilgrims were also known as _____ because they wanted to break away from the Church of England.
  • The Pilgrims were blown off course on their way to Virginia and ended up landing at
  • A person who goes on a religious journey is called a ____
  • The business of buying and selling goods is called ____
  • Who is credited with discovering America?
  • If you export a product you are _____
  • There are three levels of government. They are ____, ______, and _____.
  • A type of checks and balances that keeps one branch from becoming too powerful is called _____
  • If the president does not agree with or like a bill proposed by the legislative branch he can ______ the bill before it becomes a law.
  • In the colonial jobs, who made barrels from wood and iron?
  • Which colonies were known as the "Breadbasket Colonies"?
  • Puritans are ______
  • Pilgrim leaders decided to write a plan of government for their colony called the ___
  • The first permanent ENGLISH colony established in North America was Jamestown, VA. It was founded in _____
  • A settlement or area far from the country that rules it is called a
  • Devastation means
  • The Spanish Empire was ruled by ___________ and ____________.