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Econ 40 Crossword

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Chapters 1/2

Created Date 02.03.20
Last Updated 02.04.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Key factor of wealth in the United States
  • Types of Freedoms that enable free speech and press
  • Types of Freedoms that enable mobility of labor
  • Year “Wealth of Nations” was written
  • Economic structure that favors exporting final goods rather than importing
  • Study of how society manages its scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants
  • Resource that is traded in the real-estate market
  • The mental and physical talents of people
  • Resource that contains man-made machinery used to make goods
  • What motivates entrepreneurs
  • Types of goods that are bought by households
  • Political structure that aims to dissolve social classes
  • Economic structure where all resources are controlled by the government
  • System that allocated resources in a Market Economy