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Terms related to direction

Created Date 02.13.17
Last Updated 02.14.17
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Topics of this game:
  • A compass needle always points _____.
  • 360 degrees or 0 degrees is which direction on a compass
  • If you are heading 180 degrees, you are traveling
  • What navigation tool was not readily available in 1950?
  • What navigation tool is not useful if traveling by boat?
  • What direction is 90 degrees on a compass?
  • Does a compass needle indicate north in Africa?
  • What causes the Earth's magnetism?
  • What direction are you traveling if you're headed 270 degrees?
  • Each line on a compass indicates how many degrees?
  • Where is a magnet it's strongest?
  • What causes magnets to repel?
  • The travel arrow needs to be pointed in what direction?
  • The bottom of the compass is called the
  • A compass is no good for