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Ancient Egypt

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Have fun answering Egyptian questions

Created Date 01.13.22
Last Updated 01.17.22
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Topics of this game:
  • How many gods did the Egyptians worship?
  • Who is the god of the dead?
  • Who is the sun god?
  • True or False. Bastet is the god of cats.
  • Who was the goddess of moisture?
  • Who did Geb marry?
  • Who was Osiris's brother?
  • How many kids did Osiris and Isis have?
  • The temples were made of stone so they would last forever. True or False
  • Who is the god of the sky?
  • Did the Egyptians worship gods at home?
  • Pharaohs were seen as Horus in human form. True or False
  • Seth is a murderer. True or False
  • Isis protected Horus from Seth/His uncle. True or False
  • Hathor is also called Hath. True or False
  • Is Bastet a god or goddess?
  • Are all gods good? Yes or No
  • Bastet was nice and good but also a good fighter. True or False
  • There where a lot of people who married the siblings. True or False
  • Is Hathor Ra's daughter?