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Richard Pierpoint

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Richard pierpoint off

Created Date 06.03.22
Last Updated 06.06.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Richard was ___ years old when I was sold into slavery.
  • Richard Pierpoint was born in _______, _______.
  • Who did Richard fight in a War with?
  • Why did Richard fight in the War?
  • Where did Richard settle after the war?
  • What was the colony of black people that Richard Pierpoint made called?
  • What was the reason for the Colored Corps?
  • Why did Richard want to go back to Africa?
  • After the war where did Richard settle?
  • During the war of 1812, how old was Richard?
  • Since the government wouldn't let Richard go home, what did the government give him instead?
  • What year did Richard Pierpoint die?
  • Where was Richard buried?
  • Where was the building named after Richard located?
  • How many years did Richard amass of personal experience?