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Vrzak Canada Study - Snake Game

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Have fun and study!!

Created Date 02.06.19
Last Updated 02.07.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is it called when you are able to speak two languages?
  • People who leave their country because of war and other disaster are called?
  • People who want the province of Quebec to become an independent country is called
  • French speaking people in Canada are called
  • A sense of belonging to a nation is called
  • What is Canada's legislature called?
  • What term refers to people who flee their country because of war or disaster?
  • What term refers to someone who speaks two langages
  • Highways and canals are examples of what?
  • Who added a Charter of Rights and Freedoms to Canada's Constitution?
  • Thr Rocky Mountains and the stretches of ice and snow in northern Canada are examples of what?
  • What term refers to any area of economic activity?
  • What are products sold to another country?
  • What term refers to the people who lived in Canada before Europeans began to arrive?
  • What is the policy of supporting people from many different countries or orgin?